These are 30 minute Bible discussions hosted by Tom Rainwater with special guests. The program has been heard in northern and central NY and in Ontario, Canada.

  1. 1.Will only a few people be saved? (Mt.7:13-14)

    Tom Rainwater and John Rainey.

Don Bunting’s series on Revelation (May 4-6, 2012):

  1. 1.It’s a Book of Revelation, Not Mystery

  2. 2.Stand Firm, No Matter What! (Revelation 2-3)

  3. 3.A Picture of the Great Conflict (Revelation 12-14)

  4. 4.What Will Happen to God’s People? (Revelation 7,10,11)

  5. 5.Christ, Our Great Champion! (Revelation 1,5-6,19-22)

Below are sermons series from gospel meetings at Canastota:

Special radio interviews (Fall 2004) with Dr. Don Patton, Geologist: