Sometimes emotion or tradition is confused with evidence. Just because one “feels” an inclination toward a viewpoint doesn’t make it true. Likewise, a highly regarded view “passed down” from others isn’t necessarily true. However, if one has solid evidence of a fact, he is left with one option: to believe it as fact. If he continues to do otherwise, he sacrifices his honesty and credibility on that subject. Worse still, he retreats from the knowledge that would free him from his own ignorance and lead him into further truth.

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Clear evidence demands belief.

An appeal for honest examination.

The evidence section of this website is devoted to studying the evidence for the existence of God, the origin of man, the written revelation of God, and the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. These issues are vital and directly affect the attitudes and behaviors of individuals and governments. If you wish to respond, please do so courteously. If you disagree, please state any flaws you see in the process of reasoning and provide any counter-reasoning with supporting evidence. All will be treated kindly. Thanks, and we hope you will be enlightened by your time here.

The Existence of God & The Origin of Man

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The Written Revelation of God

The Inspiration of Scripture

The Reliability of the Gospels

The Testimony of Matthew

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The Resurrection of Jesus

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